Retirement Planning

As a service to all private investment management clients, Linwood offers retirement projections for no additional fee. Our firm utilizes a financial planning software called MoneyGuidePro to estimate a client’s financial needs for the duration of their life, including retirement.

We can project detailed scenarios particular to each client, such as: pension income, social security, inheritances, business sale and real estate sale proceeds, part-time retirement income, etc. We can incorporate customized costs into any client’s plan, including: retirement living expenses, healthcare, taxes, education funding for children, travel, home improvements, major asset purchases and gifting.

Our projections provide analyses on Healthcare funding at Medicare age, demonstrating the specific benefit amounts of Medicare Part B, Part D, Medigap, and out-of-pocket costs. We are able to illustrate various analyses on claiming Social Security benefits at different ages (e.g. 67 versus 70). Within each client’s plan, we project a level of investment return that aligns with the level of risk associated with their portfolio’s asset allocation.

Finally, each client is able to have access to their individualized plan within MoneyGuidePro through their own client login.